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“I’m not worried about money, I’m not modeling as a hustle but modeling because it’s who I am…”

– Dejotica Syx

Model Direction: She is a premiere Approved Media Model. She spends her time perfecting the art of positioning. Currently, she is modeling in the 757 and available for travel (her manager will be traveling with her). Ms. Dejotica Syx is available for hosting gigs in 2017 please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible:

Dejotica Syx

Model Specifications:

Height: 5’4″

Measurements: 27-22-41

Shoe Size:

Dress Shoes – 6

Sneakers – 6

Hair: Brown

Dejotica Syx is one of the most driven models we have. She has a specific view when it comes to instruction, when she came she brought hope to Approved Media Inc. She has shown moments of high aptitude and remarkable talent and flexibility. She is one of the most hardworking and mentally focused models we have seen in Hampton Roads. When she gets in front of the camera she is outstanding. She has an amazing view and plenty of seductive appeal like no other model. She is a model to be respected. She is not into wasting time. She is great at planning and coordination. She is very determined to make it big. We have a feeling she will rise as fast as possible from here that’s the only path in her future. Dejotica is the Sight of Approved Media Inc…

Get To Know Our Model’s:

If I Dejotica Syx WERE A….

MONTH, I would be…. February

COLOR, I would be…. Coming Soon

TIME OF DAY, I would be…. 11:59 pm

SUPERPOWER, I would be…. Coming Soon

FLOWER, I would be…. Cattleya Orchid

SONG, I would be…. Coming Soon

CAR, I would be…. Mercedes AMG SL65R

ITEM OF CLOTHING, I would be…. Versace Tropical Print Plunging Neckline Gown

ANIMAL, I would be…. Yellow-Crowned Night Heron

FOOD, I would be…. Monterey Jack Chicken Taquito’s

MOVIE, I would be…. Coming Soon

CITY/TOWN, I would be…. Coming Soon

SPORT, I would be…. Coming Soon

Promo Video Coming Soon

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