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Chris A Stevens

Approved Media C.E.O. - Chris A Stevens

The Photographer:

His name is Christopher Alexander Stevens also known as The Photographer. He was born in 1984 in Norfolk Virginia. His interests are video games, anime and photography. He is now in Newport News VA and operates a self-sustained modeling agency. He’s been doing photography for 14 years. His first Love for photography was Nature Photos… This began his way down the road toward being the Photographer…

Approved Media - Chris A Stevens - Flower
Approved Media – Chris A Stevens – Flower

After being hospitalized from the end of 2009 til May 2010 Chris did not know what he was gonna do with his life. His childhood friend had introduced him to club photography because he knew Chris was into photography. One Day he came across a girl who wanted him to manage her. She stated “You’re a genius who owns a camera so manage me.” This day he became the Photographer.

Approved Media C.E.O. - Chris A Stevens
Nihzoni Mesi – Approved Media Photograph

During this time he upgraded to become the photographer. Then he created Approved Media. Media that is Approved by the people for the people. This is still his mantra today. He does all forms of photography. His outlook on the world is different from others. His level of creativity sets him apart from others in his field.

Approved Media C.E.O. - Chris A StevensThe following i the IQ (Intelligence Quotient) of the Photographer Owner and C.E.O. of Approved Media.

Chris A Stevens - Approved Media

Professional info:

A little about me, I’m an experienced photographer of 14 yrs I did 2 yrs of photography in High School. Then pursued higher learning off and on through online studies. I’ve done photos at local clubs. I also have experience doing concert photography with the featured artist. I’ve met artists such as Juicy J done photos at the Norva where Young Jeezy was also scheduled to perform. I take this profession very seriously because I Love Photography that’s what it’s about and  it’s what I enjoy doing. I also do photography as a source of financial gain so I can always upgrade equipment and look forward to doing bigger and better things. I manage people so that way I can help them be them the best way possible to meet their goals. In order to do this I use proper planning and strategy.

Work experience

 Nature Photographer

2000 – present

I’m a photographer still during these times in the early 2000’s I photographed trees nature and all that surrounded us. I believe that when you get down to it the Earth has a soul. In that soul all things may seem random. I took it upon myself to find the patterns. Patterns in the grass in the leaves and most of all the asymmetrical patterns in the sky. I Love nature and what better way to capture it than with a photograph.

 Modeling Manager/Photographer

2010 – present

I was doing photos at a well-known local club during which time I met a young woman. Not someone I was interested in intimate relations but attractive none the less. She pointed out my intuition and my ability to think fast on my feet. Then proposed that since I was a photographer why not manage models and use my intuition to help people advance in life. I’ve been very passionate about management from that day forward and began building myself up doing what I Love photography.

Corporate C.E.O.

In the year 2016 on March 8th Approved Media Officially became Approved Media Incorporated. They changed the business plan an regulations.

Approved Media C.E.O. - Chris A Stevens


 Hampton High

1998 – 2002

Two full years of Photography classes and Adobe Photoshop I graduated at the age of 17 and then proceeded to enter the military soon after graduation
UVA Photography

2006 – 2012

 Online studies to refine my craft in photography. Completed the online studies at the age of 25


As the CEO of Approved Media my first and primary goal is to do this for the people. They are what it’s about, I have a calling to help people and I will always remember that. Second is to be loyal to those who work for me that are loyal to me. Third is to publish media that can be appreciated by the people. Whether that media be photographs posters calendars or magazines the important thing is that it is appreciated even if by only one person appreciation is all that matters. It’s about appreciation.

– Chris Stevens

Moral Statement:

Here at Approved Media we like to support a semblance of moral Integrity. We refuse to plaster pornographic pictures in the public to get likes or recognition. Paid publications are not the same thing. Our Instagram page will not be plastered as a smear campaign to get 1,000+ followers we will do it the right way. Any nudity will be done tastefully and will represent the female body . We will never take pics enhancing body parts and not showing the most beautiful part of a woman. Her Face is an entrance into her emotions her mind who she is. Women aren’t pieces of meat but living walking art work to be appreciated, not degraded or insulted. We will help models become successful through social media promotion. Then we will build their brand so they can become noticed on Then Create publications to sell for profit.
– Chris Stevens

Approved Media C.E.O. - Chris A Stevens




Mr. Christopher is a photographer but his personality and view of the world is multifaceted in a way not many can understand. Something most don’t know about the CEO he is what is known as a Jack-Of-All-Trades. He can cook, paint, is highly educated and can adapt to any situation or learn about what is need for a task with a very high-efficiency. He honed his cooking skills in the Kitchen with his Mother she is a Haitian American who has a spicy flare for creating new dishes and adding her own touches to traditional recipes. This skill has carried on into his daily life in a way that he adds hid own personal flare to everything that he does. He views things outside of the box at all times most people see 6+3=9 he sees 4+5=9  same results just a different route than the average person. He has the ability to do a photo shoot in any situation adapting photography to guerrilla tactics shooting at any time any place. He can adapt to small place or wide open places. He can shoot in a space as small as a laundry room or as wide and open as a national park. He doesn’t see problems he sees solutions which gives him an edge over others. You want to see how he views the world? Take a look at the photo below and take a look at the view of the CEO…

“What do you see when you look at this I’ll tell you the answer isn’t 21 cents…”

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