Approved Media - Carlita Umbra

Approved Media – Carlita Umbra

Photography Modeling Management

“People try to steer me away but this is what I want to do and there is nothing that’s gonna stop me…”

– Carlita Umbra

Carlita Umbra




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Carlita Umbra is one of the most curvaceous models we have. She is serious about modeling, when she came she brought a unique silhouette to Approved Media. She has shown moments of loyalty that are mind-blowing in this day and age. She is the beautiful diva who will dominate the modeling scene in the Hampton Roads area. When she gets in front of the camera she is very adaptable. She has an amazing figure, and plenty of focus not found in most newcomers. She will succeed. She is very talented and she is very serious in her pursuit of modeling. She is very goal oriented. I have a feeling she will only go up from here that’s the only direction in her future. Carlita Umbra is the Eyes of Approved Media…

Get To Know Our Model’s:

If I Carlita Umbra WERE A….

MONTH, I would be….

COLOR, I would be….

TIME OF DAY, I would be….

SUPERPOWER, I would be….

FLOWER, I would be….

SONG, I would be….

CAR, I would be….

ITEM OF CLOTHING, I would be….

ANIMAL, I would be….

FOOD, I would be….

MOVIE, I would be….

CITY/TOWN, I would be….

SPORT, I would be….


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