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Photo-Shoot Service:

At Approved Media Inc. we do shoots for all kinds of people all walks of life. Any style that you wish to shoot will be done there is no shoot we will turn down. You receive 2 digital edits per outfit. You wear your own clothes with your own concepts. If you wish to have different clothes you need to pay more for that service and give notice a week in advance so proper sized clothing can be ordered. We shoot using a Canon Rebel T3. If there are not other shoots scheduled post shoot you can shoot as long as you wish. We do FX and specialty shoots when given advanced notice. (Price Varies)

Photo Editing Service:

You Receive 2 premium edits per outfit per shoot via Adobe Photo-Shop CS6. We go for the natural look minimal skin smoothing. If you wish to go for magazine airbrushed finish it will cost more and need a little more time. We try to make sure that everything is done as the person wants and they approve. All edits will take 10 – 12 business days due to current Photo-Shoot volume. (Price Varies)

Portfolio Building Service:

With this service we help you build a portfolio with the customer always in mind. We help you assemble photographs that represent you in the best “light” and put your best foot forward. We give you premium quality prints, and organize them in an album. We consult with you on what the portfolio will consist of before shooting begins. We need ampoule time to secure all make up artists and necessary clothing. We do this to help you maximize the greatest potential and best photographs possible.  200$ – 350$ (Depending on content)

Event Photos Service:

We do outsourced photographs for those who need a photographic presence at events. We service all parties (no house parties) Event’s, Concerts, and Touring if given advanced notice. We will travel if transportation and accommodations are paid for. We do Weddings and religious gatherings. We also do photos for local artist Album covers and any form of event representation. (Price Varies)

Website Creation Service:

We create websites for companies and individually owned businesses. We first conduct a meeting to go over your website needs. Then we determines how we want the site to look. We also decide if you want generic graphics or to come up with your own. Then you can go back and insert your own text. For us to do the website will be double the regular rate. We will travel if transportation and accommodations are paid for if you want us to create the website on location. We design for all purposes and DO NOT discriminate. We also can design the graphics for you if you let us know ahead of time. (Price Varies)

Management Service:

The advantages to management service with Approved Media Inc. is that we let you be who you wish to be. But only for those who wish to live and behave and progress toward being a model or artist. Once you make a choice to become a model you become a brand. Please remember you are a representation of that brand and your actions in your way of life affect that brand. We help you maximize social media exposure and rise in the search engine ranks. We then begin helping you polish your reputation to place yourself in a better position for your career choice. We help you build multiple accounts that help you get noticed. We build you a profile on multiple modeling sites some are free some are not. If you’re an artist we get your music uploaded and promoted under the Approved Media Inc. label. With this service we post you to our site promote the site and people will begin to notice. They say there is only the right way and the wrong way. That’s not true choose the path of the strategist and pick your battles wisely until you come out on top. (Price Varies)

Modeling Counselor Service:

At Approved Media Inc. we offer counseling service on how to model properly. When you choose to model you have to be different and stand out. You have to dedicate yourself to modeling because the longer you take the less results you get. Nobody is an instant perfect model from day one you have to change your lifestyle. You need practice fine tuning and learn how to promote. When you have promotion and photo-shoots down then the next step is to create a publication to be sold to the public. We will show you how to keep up the condition of your hair and nails, things that in general make better photograph’s. We help you become a tailored properly groomed model that understands the business. This service will show you that some rules of society and their judgment do not apply to modeling. You will be talked about we help you learn to wear different types of clothing that may seem different from everyday clothing. Models are just that different. We show music artist how to tailor their style to become an individual. We help you practice and fine tune your music we give suggestions that help in performance and promotion. (Included)

Media Creation Service:

Here at Approved Media Inc. our main goal is to boost your career and make publications to confirm you as a working model. A service we offer is to create Business Cards, Comp Cards, Flyers, Brochures, Calendars and magazines. We design the template for business cards that can be used repeatedly. This service will customize it and give you a uniform masterpiece chosen to fit your occupation. We make many forms of advertisement. We do the shoots for the flyers and media you wish to create then use it for the publication project. We only accept .RAW format photos from others. There will not be an issue with image quality and project results so from now on we use guaranteed .RAW files with the right amount of MP (mega pixels). We do it this way to make sure there is no lack in quality due to image file size or data corruption. (Price Varies)

Body Painting Service:

Approved Media Inc. - Body Paint - Chris A Stevens - Photography - 7 Cities - Hampton Roads - Event Photography - Wedding Photography - Modeling Agency

Approved Media Inc. has an experienced body painter on call.  For a minimum of 120$ this service is offered by someone who has done body paint for some time. You may need to bring some specific types of paint with you. Body paint service is only recommended for the professional model. It is not for the impatient or the shy. It will take time and technical movement to make sure proper coverage and closure is achieved. If you’re a professional and up to the task the results will be amazing. Our artist uses brushed Latex and is very skilled.

Online Resume Creation Service:

Each model and artist will have their own detailed page. Their page will include details about them and a few photos. Each person will have their own Approved Media link such as  This will include details about each person. Job experience, skills, and contact Email will be displayed here. The resume pages are used to help find regular jobs to help support your modeling career and finance your future. It will help companies and businesses wanting to hire get a better view of you. (Price Varies)

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