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“If I saw you with my own eyes and know what that person said is wrong why would I listen to them, I know you and trust you I believe my eyes over the words of others. She wasn’t even my friend anyway.” -K Short

K Short

Model Specifications:

Height: 5’3″

Measurements: 32-25-37

Shoe Size:

Heels – 8

Sneakers – 5.5 Kids

Hair: Dark Brown

K Short one of the most loyal people I’ve had since day one. Her first shoot she had come with a partner. Her partner had shortcomings that summed up to short sighted. She showed me maturity beyond her years. As a model she is disciplined takes instruction well. K Short will not attend any shoots without me. The reason being not just that I’m her manager but I made a promise to watch out for her and I am a man of my word I keep my promises. Her mother respects and trusts me because she knows what type of person I am. Her career will be amazing she has the look the style and the smile.

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