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Model Direction: She is a premiere Approved Media Model. She spends her time with her family and perfecting honing her techniques. Currently she is modeling in the 757. Ms. Noble is available for hosting gigs in 2016 please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible:

Get To Know Our Models:

Nie Noir

Model Specifications:

Height: 5’4″

Measurements : 32-23-34

Shoe Size:

Heels – 9

Sneakers –

Hair : Dark Brown

Nie Noir is one of the most physically fit models we have. She is serious about modeling, when she came she brought style and passion to Approved Media. She is very humble. She is the beautiful woman who will dominate the modeling scene in Hampton Roads. When she gets in front of the camera and releases passion on the world. She has a lean tone, and plenty of forwardness. She will be a model in due time. She is a great promoter on social media and great at what she does. She is very goal oriented just starting out. We have a feeling she will only go up from here that’s the only direction in her future. Nie Noir is the Backbone of Approved Media…

Get To Know Our Model’s:

If I Nie Noir WERE A….

MONTH, I would be….

COLOR, I would be….

TIME OF DAY, I would be….

SUPERPOWER, I would be….

FLOWER, I would be….

SONG, I would be….

CAR, I would be….

ITEM OF CLOTHING, I would be….

ANIMAL, I would be….

FOOD, I would be….

MOVIE, I would be….

CITY/TOWN, I would be….

SPORT, I would be….


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